Step 3 Humility

Life is hard. Arrogance is easy. However, arrogance had made my life harder than it had to be. It’s only the third step, but I had to take a mental break 8 minutes into the audio. I had to walk away and deal with what was being presented to me. Step two was like that […]

Step 54 Chess-like Assiduity

Hi Sophie, This step is called ‘Chess-like Assiduity and armchair meditation’ – the real use for deep thinking. He starts this one right out with a principle, from a Charlie Munger quote, that what it takes to be successful is ‘assiduity’- his definition being having your ass in a chair, to THINK. I had to […]

Step 7 Learned helplessness

Hi Sophie, Wow, today’s step was so interesting, something I never considered at all but I completely see it – preconditioned helplessness. ‘Learned helplessness’-this is definitely a brand new concept to me… but I definitely see it, looking at all of the diet plans & health books since way back in history, looking at all […]

Step 6 Media bias

Hi Sophie, Step 6 was very timely for me after our call today.  The main principle that I got out of it is ‘ slow is smooth and smooth is fast’, in a different set of words. It really made me think though- I never considered the huge part that media bias plays in conveying […]

Step 51: Language

Hi Sophie, This step is about ‘Wittgenstein’s Lion’, and how language and words MATTER – the power and effectiveness of Language. I think that very first thing is a principle – that language and words MATTER… it sounds so simple, but I’m sitting here thinking about that, amazed at how little importance most of us […]